Note: Contents are no longer updated (last update: 2017).

Lesson Slides Practical Reading Assignment
PART 1 Understanding Rural Societies
1.1. Rurality and development: local and global issues
1.2. Agrarian and landscape transitions in Britain
1.3. Understanding rural societies: approaches and frameworks
1.4. Working towards sustainable rural societies
1.5. Global rural futures
1.6. Conclusion
PART 2 Sustainable resource management in the global South
2.1. Rural systems and ecosystem services: evolution of paradigms
2.2. Links between the Environment and Development: emergence of the concept of sustainability and conceptual frameworks
2.3. Working towards the sustainable management of natural resources: co-constructing services and mediating trade-offs
2.4. Modelling sustainable futures in the context of climate change
PART 3 Geography with impact